MKA Foreign Language Selection

In sixth grade every student will be able to attend a different language then they are doing now. The choices are Latin, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Each student will have to choose wisely because this will be the language that they will take through 8th grade and hopefully at the MKA Upper School. Anyone who is good at singing should attend Chinese because there are many different accents that require a change in voice tone. Any person who wants help in other languages including French and Spanish should take Latin. Finally anyone who wants to speak a language that is commonly spoken around the world should take French or Spanish. One student says they want to take Spanish because it is easy to remember Spanish words. Another student says he wants to take Latin, but a friend threatens to kill him if he does not attend Spanish. Make sure you send in the language form by next week–but remember the form does not ensure you will get a spot in the class. No worries, it is not the end of the world if you do not get a spot in the language.

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