Student-Faculty Basketball Pre-Game

This is the year for the 7th annual student faculty basketball game. A big tradition here at MKA, large donations are made by the money we raise. This year, MKA will be supporting Team Zoey primarily, but also the Montclair Volunteer  Ambulance Department. Team Zoey supports kids born with progeria; this causes children to age 7 to 10 times faster. Now lets get the happy stuff: t-shirts will be sold the week of the 15th. These can be worn on any spirit day. The coin drive jars are out and the student government urges you to bring in as much money as possible; the only rule is that you can not bring pennies.

This year’s players include:

Faculty/Staff Men

  • Randy Kleinman
  • Ken Smith
  • Leon Shade
  • Gary Pacheco
  • Reshan Richards
  • Alex Gordon
  • Tom Fleming
  • Andrew Powers
  • Larry Canales
  • Richard Sunshine
  • Ed Thompson

Faculty/Staff Women

  • Shanie Israel
  • Alina Yurkovsky
  • Alise Shuart
  • Nichole Foster-Hinds
  • Amy Fossett
  • Catherine Gaynor
  • Jessica Bishop
  • Shiva Behradnia
  • Susan FitzGibbon
  • Guada Cabido
  • Laura Zimmerman

Girls’ and Boys’¬†“A” and “B” Basketball Teams

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