Letters: Soon to be a thing of the past?


Everyone knows about the ¬†mail carriers¬†dressed in blue from the postal service.Well, after their amazing efforts to deliver even in the worst of conditions, such as the giant snowstorm that downed more trees in Montclair than Hurricane Irene, they are now being threatened by an even greater challenge: Bankruptcy. Unless they are bailed out by the U.S. Congress, they will be expected to shut down this winter. According to the postal service, things aren’t looking good. They are threatened by 1. Impending default (They are expected to make a $5.5 billion payment due later this month.); 2. Giant deficit (They will be expected to be $9 billion in debt by the end of the year.); and 3. Declining demand (There were 6 million fewer deliveries in 2010 than 2009.). So if you love the happy, always smiling and hard-working employees of the postal service, or if you just have money to burn, SEND IT TO THE POSTAL SERVICE!

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