Kerry Bishe, MKA Alumna and TV Star

We all know Mr. Bishe, the great seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher.  However, you may not know about his daughter, Kerry Bishe.  Kerry Bishe was a lifer at MKA and graduated in 2002.  She was recently cast as “Lucy” on the new season of ScrubsScrubs is an comedy-drama created by Bill Lawrence.  It is about the unreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital.  Kerry plays the role of a medical student named Lucy. She comes from a family of fishermen in Stone Creek.  She is the first in her family to get into a college and eventually go to medical school.  She is having a tough time at Winston University but hopes for help and support from her friends at her university and the Sacred Heart Hospital.  Kerry Bishe just premiered on Scrubs on 12/01/09 on ABC and the show is now running for thirteen episodes.  Make sure to catch Kerry Bishe on Scrubs!

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