“Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

IMG_3756Eighth graders: I know that besides winter break, all everyone is thinking and stressing about right now is next year. We’re about to enter four extremely critical years of our lives; how can we not be concerned? As you walk the hallways of the Middle School, you must realize that next year, you’ll be walking around an entirely new campus–and in some cases, an entirely new school. It’s time to think about what high school you’re going to attend.

The first decision we eighth graders have to make is whether we want to stay at MKA or not. Many students have been at MKA since Brookside, so some may want a change. For the same reason, others feel close to MKA and want to stay through high school. The students who want to change schools are required to send in applications, take entrance exams, and visit schools, which is a hassle as it is, even without all the schoolwork that eighth graders get to begin with.

Those of you who are staying at MKA shouldn’t think that there’s nothing you can do to plan for high school. MKA provides the rare chance for you to visit Upper School for a day, attend regular classes and even have a student tour guide showing you around and introducing you to teachers. Students who have already visited Upper School have talked highly of the classes, campus, and teachers. In fact, one eighth grader had initially wanted to change schools. However, after visiting the Upper School and seeing what it’s really like, she decided that she wants to continue at MKA after all. To organize a day to visit the Upper School, you can talk to anyone in the Admissions Office, located at the end of the eighth grade hallway.

It’s time for you to start seriously contemplating where you want to go to school next year. You can’t put it off forever. So, along with a break full of holidays and fun, try to spare a few extra hours to think about high school.

3 comments for ““Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

  1. jane asher(4th grader)
    January 13, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    Kassie I can see why 8th graders are stressed about High School. Because my sister, (Samantha Asher) had to make the same decision about to go or to stay. But how dose that relate to your self . I think this story could use more opinions. Because it is not to strong a piece you need more supporting details.But The thing that bothered me the most is the Lead line “should I stay or should I go.” You do not talk about yourself enough.But I still love your piece though I think that my favorite part was How you described the upper school .

  2. Ben stuart
    January 13, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    i thought the article was great even though i’m only in mr. Flemmings class in fourth grade its still feels like it has something to do with me because who knows i might switch schools but it makes you feel like….. your never alone and i say STAY COUGAR!!!!!!!

  3. KassieF
    February 4, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Hi guys! Thanks so much for the great feedback.
    Jane, I’ll try to keep what you said in mind in future articles :). Thanks so much!
    Ben, I’m so glad that you liked the article! It does have to do with you! You have no idea how fast middle school goes, before you know it, you’ll be making the same decision!

    Keep reading the Cougar Call!!!

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