Adam Lambert: AMA Performance Inappropriate? I Think Not

Recently, pop sensation Adam Lambert has come under fire for his performance at the American Music Awards.  After watching the AMAs, I came to find that there was a double standard.  After Lambert’s performance, he was supposed to have appeared on Good Morning America three days later.  Instead, they cancelled Lambert and booked Chris Brown.  As reporter Travis Ellington said, “ABC would rather have a convicted felon perform on their show than an openly gay male.”  For all those people who criticized him, what about the infamous kiss between Britiney Spears and Madonna at the 2003 MTV VMAs?  Where was the huge public outcry about that?  Or what about Lady Gaga?  I don’t think many of the things she does on stage would be classified as PG.  Parents who complain about the kiss should note when acts like Lambert go on and decide if they wants their kids to watch it.  They knew he was coming on beforehand and should have expected an “exuberant” performance.  What do you think?  Leave a comment.

3 comments for “Adam Lambert: AMA Performance Inappropriate? I Think Not

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  3. Benjamin Drew Ryan
    January 13, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Yes, I completely agree with you that when someone is going onto a talk show a adult should watch it before it is seen by a child. It could be maybe disrespectful, have some bad language, adult content, or it could be very inappropriate. For instance, if Lady GaGa was on GOOD MORNING AMERICA (No offense to those people who love Lady GaGa) but she is a little bit crazy, I would not allow my little 6 year old watch her on a talk show. Some people in this world are very prejudice [Because he is gay], and partially that is why I think people didn’t want him on GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Some people in this world are a little bit to prejudice, and always criticize him {If they ever see him or shout at him even if he’s on a TV show being interviewed.
    I love reading Articles and the newspaper, and this is one of the best articles I EVER read!!!!!!!!!!

    Ben Ryan

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