The Softball Scoop

The spring sports season is finally starting! Every day from three to four o’clock, masses of students pour through the locker room doors to get ready for practice. Softball is one of the most popular sports at MKA. The 2009 softball team includes people who have played all their lives, and some people who have never held a bat or worn a mitt before. However, with the help and support of coaches Janelli, Sullivan and Tully, playersnew and old are in for a season of success. A typical practice for the softball team includes batting practice, fielding with imaginary situations and sometimes a scrimmage. 7th grader Michelle Custode sys that her favorite part of practice is “throwing and the different exercises we do for throwing. Oh, also when we practice pop flies and grounders.” After their long wait for the first game, the girls on the team screamed and cheered for a successful game. Unfortunately, they lost the game, but that didn’t shoot down their high hopes for future games.
Everyone on the team has a different opinion on which is the most fun position to play. For instance, Obsidian Lewin-Holmes loves to play in the outfield because she loves to catch pop flies. However, Savannah Fusaro does not like to play in the outfield, because at times she feels like she’s “not connected to what’s happening in the game.” Coach Janelli told the team that even if the ball does not come to the outfield, the outfielders should always be moving. She says that they can back people up when the ball is coming to them. That way, if a player misses a catch, someone in the outfield will get it, and the ball will get back to the infield faster.

The entire team hopes for a fun and triumphant season. A quote that the Cougars can keep in mind to keep them playing their hardest is: “Softball is life, the rest is just details.” Don’t think that the softball team can win games without you; come out to all the games you can and cheer your classmates on.

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